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naturallvn_mods's Journal

Moderators of Natural Living
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Anybody , Moderated
Here be the mods of naturalliving. This is a public communication area as a supplement to the moderators' private email list. Please keep in mind that all the rules that apply to the main community apply here as well.

Membership is closed, but anyone may post an entry by clicking on the pencil icon at the top of this info page. You may also leave comments and friend the community.
As the mods are the only members of this community, you may post your entry as Friends Only and it will only be visible to us. Seeing as you too won't be able to see the entry, I would recommend providing an email address where we may contact you.
Of course, public entries will still be visible to you and everyone else, and we may exchange comments on such entries.

If you're a member of naturalliving, you might want to use this community to:

1.) Clarify if an entry you're considering is on-topic
2.) Make suggestions for improvements
3.) General questions and comments

A complete list of rules, contact info, and information about Natural Living can be found in its user info.

***Please continue to use email for community promo requests and sensitive issues regarding other members***